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Service Time Status Message
Mail access (IMAP/POP) 18 Aug 2017 05:10:30 UTC
(4 days ago)
Services restored. The outage appears to be caused by a failed disk controller. We will investigate further. Thanks for your patience.
Mail access (IMAP/POP) 18 Aug 2017 04:53:17 UTC
(4 days ago)
A mail storage server crashed. Services are being moved to other machines. Everything should be back in a few minutes.
General availability 18 Aug 2017 04:23:47 UTC
(4 days ago)
FastMail's support page will be unavailable from 4:30AM UTC (~10 minutes from now) for 30 minutes while we perform a system upgrade.
General availability 6 Aug 2017 05:01:13 UTC
(2 weeks ago)
Services have been restored. The problem was a a network peering issue, leading to our services being unavailable to parts of the internet. We're working with our network provider to understand what happened and what improvements we can make in the future. Thank you for your patience.
General availability 6 Aug 2017 03:47:34 UTC
(2 weeks ago)
We're seeing intermittent network problems at our upstream network provider, which is affecting general access to FastMail services. We're working with them to identify the fault. More news as soon as we have it!
Web client 3 Aug 2017 04:29:00 UTC
(2 weeks ago)
Services have been restored. Problem was traced to a bug in how parts of the site are deployed (JS & CSS assets). We'll be making improvements there very soon. Thanks for your patience!
Web client 3 Aug 2017 04:10:23 UTC
(2 weeks ago)
The login page and elements of the homepage are unavailable. We're working to restore service, and expect to have it back in a couple of minutes.
General availability 30 Jul 2017 18:22:30 UTC
(3 weeks ago)
Services have been restored.
General availability 30 Jul 2017 18:08:24 UTC
(3 weeks ago)
One of our storage servers has crashed, we are moving services to a secondary server. No mail has been lost and services will be restored soon.
General availability 13 Jul 2017 11:01:17 UTC
(1 month ago)
All services are back online. We're now inspecting the failed server to figure out exactly where it went wrong. Thanks for your patience and have a great day! :)

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