Login & sessions

Login & sessions

The service is operating normally

Time Status Message
15 Sep 2021 22:23:03 UTC
(11 months ago)
Some customers were unable to log in for around 30 minutes. Access has been restored and we are investigating the underlying cause. No mail has been lost.
15 Sep 2021 20:39:57 UTC
(11 months ago)
Some Fastmail users are experiencing issues logging in. We are currently investigating.
2 Sep 2021 05:59:34 UTC
(11 months ago)
We've identified the cause of the issue. If you lost your active session, logging back in should resolve the issue. Your old session will still show in the Logged In Sessions list for the next 30 days.
2 Sep 2021 05:04:57 UTC
(11 months ago)
We're seeing an issue where some customers were logged out of their current session. We’re working to implement a solution.
20 Apr 2021 02:43:26 UTC
(1 year ago)
We've resolved the issue and the ability to log out has been restored. No mail has been lost.

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