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Time Status Message
8 Feb 2017 21:47:15 UTC
(5 months ago)
All affected users have had their search indexes rebuild and searches are complete again
6 Feb 2017 07:16:37 UTC
(5 months ago)
Due to a bug with search index compaction, a fraction of users are unable to find some emails in search results. We are reindexing and estimate a complete fix in 1-2 days.
8 Nov 2016 06:03:31 UTC
(8 months ago)
Searches are now working correctly and matching all messages again
8 Nov 2016 06:02:48 UTC
(8 months ago)
There was a bug with searches which matched both old and new messages in the same folder for a few hours today, where the older messages would not be shown
3 Dec 2015 03:12:11 UTC
(1 year ago)
A bug in the build system caused an empty homepage to be deployed. Bug is fixed, and we're working to make our deployment system more robust.

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